Angler am Fluss (Angler at a river) © Ruben van Treeck | zur StartseiteAuengewässer mit Schilfbewuchs (Backwater with reedbelt) © Sven Matern | zur StartseiteFischen im Morgennebel (Fishing at dawn) | zur StartseiteInstitut für Binnenfischerei e.V. - Jägerhof (Potsdam Institute of Inland Fisheries) | zur StartseiteSacrower See im Winter (Lake Sacrow in Winter) © Angelika Schultz-Liebisch | zur StartseiteEin ruhiger Morgen auf dem Wasser (A calm morning on the water) © Sven Matern | zur Startseite


Since 2018 our bi-annual newsletter has been published. It contains general information about the Insitute's work, developments, new projects and collaborations as well as events and various news of the industry. So far the newsletter has only been published in German language, however, we are aspiring to publish our first English-language newsletter in the near future. The latest copy can be found and downloaded here.


Past issues of the newsletter can be found and downloaded via our search for publications function.


If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter please send us an email with your request and we will be happy to send each new issue to your inbox (see contact box on right).