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Bachelor's and Master's Theses Opportunities

The Institute is happy to offer the opportunity to pursue exciting research topics within the framework of Bachelor's or Master's theses. We are in the process of compiling a list of possible topics in the various research areas. Initial project options are listed below.

Practical work and investigations usually take place at the Institute's site and/or at project partners' sites and are supervised by Institute scientists. At the same time, initial supervision by a chair or lecturer at a university or university of applied sciences (e.g. Humboldt University) is necessary.


Current Topic Options:
1. Reproductive success in male pikeperch

Investigations on the influence of body size on broodcare behavior and reproductive success in male pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) using PIT-telemetry

Contact: Rieke Schons, Inland Fisheries


2. Perch growth: Which environmental factors influence the growth of perch in a reservoir-regulated standing water body

Growth is one of the fundamental regulatory mechanisms in fish stock dynamics and has a direct impact on the production of fish biomass and thus on potential yield. For this reason, it is essential to know the environmental factors influencing growth and to understand their mechanisms of action in order to protect fish stocks. This knowledge is alsonecessary for sustainable fisheries management.
Over a period of three years scales, gill covers and length/mass information from perch (N = 300) were collected from a reservoir-regulated standingwater body for age determination. In addition, a variety of abiotic and biotic environmental factors are available for the water body (e.g. availability of prey fish and macroinvertebrates, predators, water levels, trophic and chemical parameters, ...).

Work tasks:
- Preparation of samples (scales and gill covers).
- Age determination on the basis of the prepared samples
- Compilation of available environmental factors
- Analysis of the environmental factors influencing growth.

- Comparative analysis of age determination with the two hard structures used.
- Identification of key environmental factors influencing perch growth

Additional comment:
If the month of September falls within the processing period, it is possible for the student to take their own samples (field work) as part of monitoring carried out by the IfB. This gives the opportunity to expand the existing data set and to gain own experience in sampling fish stocks using multi-mesh gillnets (DIN EN 14757).


Daniel Hühn, Inland Fisheries  Tel. 033201 406 33

Tyrell DeWeber, Inland Fisheries


If you are interested in carrying out one of these projects with us at Lake Sacrow, please contact us.  Other project ideas, suggested by you, are of course also conceivable and welcome. We look forward to receiving your application.