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Our Research

The use of natural resources for food production and as an economic base for income creation is increasingly monitored and evaluated for its environmental impact. Human influence on our waterways and -bodies from various forms of usage is permanently increasing at he same time; often with detrimental consequences for fishes and the use of fish.  A challenge for modern fisheries research is given by the necessity of an economical and environmentally sustainable local fish production that enables competition to cheap imports.


dismantled weir -Grünmetzmühle- in the river Pulsnitz near Königsbrück

releasing eels fitted with DST

pikeperch fry in a petri dish


Consequently, topics of research are changing constantly, as are main areas of interest. For example, the impact of climate change on fish populations and the fisheries industry has become a focal point, lately, with questions being raised about ways to adjust production methods, specifically after several consecutive hot summers. In similar fashion a shift of interest has occurred towards issues of  ainmal welfare in aquaculture, or the interdependence between fish populations and nutrient status of the waterbodies, and many more. Additionally, financial contributions through cooperation agreements with fisheries-related governmental entities have added new quests to the already varied research palette of our institute.  


We conduct our research to the strict best practice recommendations for scientific research of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Our research activities are supported by our own specialised library which sources required literature and looks after a substantial antiqarian collection to enable relevant historical research

An overview of each year's research topics and activities is published in our own annual series  "IfB-Jahresbericht". This, however, is only available in German language.